104 Richelieu - Aerial view

104 Richelieu, eminently Parisian

104 Richelieu - Aerial view

104 Richelieu, eminently Parisian

104 Richelieu - Office trays, GF+6

Office trays, GF+6

104 Richelieu - Office trays, GF+6

Office trays, GF+6

104 Richelieu - Office trays, GF+8

Office trays, GF+8

104 Richelieu - Interior patio

Interior patio

GF - patio view
104 Richelieu - 104 Richelieu’s entrance

104 Richelieu’s entrance

GF - street view
104 Richelieu - The café

The café

104 Richelieu - <strong>The hall

The hall

104 Richelieu - The hall

The hall

104 Richelieu - Green terrace, GF+8

Green terrace, GF+8

104 Richelieu - Street-side green terrace, GF+8

Street-side green terrace, GF+8

104 Richelieu - Space Planning - NEW USES PLAN
104 Richelieu - Space Planning - OPEN SPACE PLAN
104 Richelieu - Space Planning - PARTIONNED PLAN
104 Richelieu - Plan - GF


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF+1


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF+2


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF+3


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF+4


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF+5


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF+6


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF+7


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF+8


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF-1/GF-2


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF-3/GF-4


104 Richelieu - Plan - GF-5



8 flexible levels and two annexes for a unique and customized implementation.

104 Richelieu - Axonometry
GF+8 19 173m2 6m2 5m2 373m2
GF+7 60 543m2 34m2 11m2 78m2
GF+6 69 631m2 34m2 11m2 71m2
GF+5 76 707m2 34m2 11m2
GF+4 77 707m2 34m2 11m2
GF+3 76 707m2 34m2 11m2
GF+2 76 696m2 34m2 15m2
GF+1 116 796m2 40m2 16m2
GF 25 212m2 5m2 322m2
Total 594 5172m2 255m2 413m2 522m2
  • Trays approx. 700m2
  • Ceiling height 2,55m in natural daylight zone
    and 2,30M in the central zone
  • Ration per person 1/9,5m2
  • 85% natural daylight
  • 522m2 of green spaces
  • Comfort windows


  • P R O M O T E the building’s integration into the urban fabric
  • C O N T R I B U T E to developing urban biodiversity
  • I N S U R E the occupants’ comfort and well-being
  • R E D U C E the project’s environmental impact

SWISS LIFE ASSET MANAGERS has decided to take on a resolutely ambitious environmental certification process.

  • WELL Gold
  • WIRED SCORE Sivler
  • NF HQE
104 Richelieu - Aerial view

A bubble of services

104 RICHELIEU offers ingenious services in both extensions.

  • Cafeteria
  • Coworking
  • Fitness area and changing rooms
  • Meeting rooms onto garden
  • Creativity room
  • Connected furniture and Lounge area on the rooftop
  • Bike room


The upper floors open onto large terraces, with an entirely green roof.

  • 300m2 OF GREEN ROOF ON GF+8
  • tree-lined courtyard


The project consists of the complete restructuring and extension of an office building at ground floor, located 104rue de Richelieu, 75002 PARIS, including the replacement of all the facades, the upgrading of the building tostandard, in particular with regard to fire safety and accessibility for the disabled (access, clearance zones andsanitary facilities), the interior refitting of the office floors, and the renovation of the outside spaces.

The building will be classified under the French Labour Laws.

In addition to the technical renovation in compliance with the Thermal Renovation and 2012 Extension Regulations, this program will achieve ambitious energy and environmental objectives.

The environmental goals are the following :

  • HQE certification, EXCELLENT level
  • BREEAM certification, EXCELLENT level
  • WELL certification, GOLD level
  • WIRED SCORE label, SILVER level

Architecturally, the glass facade on the Rue de Richelieu is the project’s flagship element.

The building consists of the following areas :

5 infrastructure half levels :

From the GF-1 to GF-4 :

110 car parking spaces in total, including 43 spaces allocated to offices comprising :

  • 1 space for the Disabled
  • 2 spaces for electric vehicles, equipped with recharging stations;
  • 3 spaces that can be equipped with recharging stations
  • 1 Waste storage room
  • 1 Machine room BMS - Strong current
  • 1 Transformer room (ENEDIS concession)

At GF-5 :

The Machine rooms comprise :

  • 1 Heating room
  • 1 Climespace room
  • 1 Ventilation room
  • 1 Domestic Hot Water room
  • 1 Power Generator room

8 superstructure levels :

At the ground floor :

The parking ramp

A large reception area over 200m², including a double reception desk, a waiting area, controlled gantries giving access to a duplex elevator serving the different services and floors of the building, stairs.

  • 1 Control and Safety Control Station, grouping together the safety and fire safety bodies.
  • 1 Cafeteria in the continuation of the Lobby with Disabled sanitary facilities
  • 1 office space approx. 150m²
  • 1 meeting room equipped with a video-conferencing system
  • Bicycle room with showers/changing rooms

All ground floor spaces open onto a landscaped patio.

From GF+1 to GF+8 :

Office levels with depths of up to 20m

The standard levels are arranged in a U-shape with a main crossing part overlooking the street and the courtyard and two side wings overlooking the courtyard.

The GF+5, GF+6, GF+7 office levels are equipped with a their own 30m² terrace on the Rue de Richelieu side.

The last office level at GF+8 has a 30m² terrace on the street side and a large landscaped terrace onto a 300m² courtyard.

The office levels are delivered in open-space, which can be partitioned afterwards.

15% minimum of meeting rooms spread over all the different levels

Creation of staircases

  • Replacement of the 2 office lifts on the GF to GF+8 north side
  • Creation of a lift from the GF-3 to the GF on the north side
  • Modification of the existing duplex south of GF-3 to the GF


1 enclosed staircase to 1 PU serving the GF+2 South

1 staircase of 3 PU from GF+8 to GF North

1 staircase from GF-2 to GF Lobby South

Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

  • All levels will be accessible to persons with disabilities
  • The building is equipped with lifts for disabled people serving all levels.
  • A Secure Waiting Area is created on the GF+8 landing
  • Sanitary facilities accessible to disabled people at all levels
  • 1 parking space for persons with disabilities at GF-1 level

Technical dimensioning

Number of person capacity according to premises

Office Levels: 1 person / 9,3 m²

GF and lower mezzanine: 1 person / 5 m²

Lobby: 2 persons / m²

Meeting areas at GF: 1 person / 2 m²

Table of workforce capacity :

Recommended nb staff / office Total workforce Clearances / required Units of Width Passage Clearances / project Units of Width Passage
GF+8 terraces* 300 300 2 T Clear. 4 PU 3 T Clear. 5 PU
GF+8 19 19 1 T Clear. 1 PU 1 T Clear. 3 PU
GF+7 60 79 2 T Clear. 2 PU 3 T Clear. 5 PU
GF+6 69 148 2 T Clear. 3 PU 3 T Clear. 5 PU
GF+5 76 224 2 T Clear. 4 PU 3 T Clear. 5 PU
GF+4 77 301 2 T Clear. 5 PU 3 T Clear. 5 PU
GF+3 76 377 2 T Clear. 5 PU 3 T Clear. 5 PU
GF+2 76 453 2 T Clear. 6 PU 4 T Clear. 6 PU
GF+1 89 542 2 T Clear. 6 PU 4 T Clear. 6 PU
GF 2 544 2 T Clear. 6 PU 4 T Clear. 6 PU
Backyard office area
GF+1 27 27 1 Clear. + 1 ACC 2 T Clear. 3 PU
GF 23 50 1 Clear. + 1 ACC 1 Clear. + 1 ACC
* The occupants of the building may use the terrace only exceptionally during events.

Depth of the trays from 6 to 20 meters with a facade grid of 1.35m

Clearance under false ceiling

Clearance office space in m Circulation clearance in m
GF+5 2,55 2,30
GF+4 2,55 2,30
GF+3 2,55 2,30
GF+2 2,55 2,30
GF+1 2,55 2,30
GF 3,20 3
GF Cafeteria 2,6 2,6
  • 6 cm raised technical floor
  • LED lighting with presence-dependent lighting management and day-lighting on office trays.
  • More than 90 m² of terraces located on GF+ 5, GF+6, & GF+7, and 330 m² on GF+8.
  • 900 m² of landscaped outdoor space on the GF, shared with the apartments.

Services :

  • Cafeteria area (power <20kW)
  • 20m² bike room with showers and changing rooms of 14m².
  • A total of 110 car parking spaces, including 43 spaces allocated to offices comprising :
    • - 1 PRM parking space
    • - 5 spaces for electric cars, 2 of which are equipped with recharging stations

Facade cleaning :

  • Courtyard side : cleaning via rail-mounted nacelle at GF+8 (cable on standby and stowed nacelle)
  • Street side: cleaning via rental of a nacelle, and of road signs

Structure :

Operating overloads :

Generally, the overloads defined by the NF EN 1991-1-1 standard are retained for building structures.

The loads are the following :

  • Offices, meeting rooms ES = 350 kg/m²*
  • Halls, Stairs, Landings ES = 250 kg/m²
  • Sanitary rooms ES = 250 kg/m²
  • Accessible Terraces ES = 250 kg/m²
  • Inaccessible Terraces ES = 150 kg/m² + technical equipment loads
  • Parking spaces ES = 250 kg/m²
  • Equipement rooms ES = 250 kg/m² + point loads of technical equipement

* Including partitioning loads

Existing archive spaces in the basement levels (overload equivalent to the existing one)

Heating – Air-conditioning - Ventilation – Smoke extraction

  • Heat production provided by a CPCU substation
  • Refrigeration production provided by a CLIMESPACE substation
  • A ceiling fan coil unit carries out the terminal heat treatment.
  • Natural smoke extraction by facade to facade sweeping in the office spaces
    • - Meeting rooms: 2 m²/person - 30 m³/(h.person)
    • - Offices: 10 m²/person - 25 m³/(h.person)

AHU with very high recovery efficiency

Strong current – Weak current :

  • Distribution in the raised floor of the workstations, via Wieland type feeders. Inverters are not supplied.

Pre-wiring of workstation (WS) consisting of 4 Power Plugs (PP) 16A and 2 RJ45 sockets that can be distributed as follows :

Version 1: 4 PP 16A on normal network and 2 RJ45,

Version 2: 2 PP 16A on normal network, 2 PP 16A on inverted network and 2 RJ45.

WS per 12m² of office space

  • Multifunction cell (presence detector/light sensor) on office trays with one cell every two frames (BMS)
  • Distribution, racks and Weak Current terminal outlets at the expense of the lessee with separate feeders from the Strong Current
  • Space for Weak Current vertical distribution in landing duct is provided at each level up to the operator's room
  • LED type luminaires on office trays, based on luminance and presence detection sensors (average 300 lux for office trays) in compliance with the certifications
  • The building Electrical installations are connected to the facilities of the public distribution system operator LV 230/400V according to the following principle :
    • - Preservation of the green tariff if possible
    • In LV 230/400V from a « Yellow Tariff » type meter (Tarif jaune) for the building’s and car park’s main services,
    • n LV 230/400V from a « Yellow Tariff » type meter (Tarif jaune) for EVRI (Electric Vehicle Recharging Infrastructure),

Concerning the « Blue Tariff » metering (Tarif bleu), location in the basement, then installation of maintenance of energy (SME) / Minimum Service (SMI) meters or equivalent on every floor, meters located in the Power room in the basement and distribution columns to levels with AD/platform

BMS (open system) :

The BMS will be an open system for automatic regulation and supervision of equipment operation using a communication protocol compatible with the equipment implemented by all the trades.

Information: Consumption data feedback

Control: Lighting, HVAC and Blinds Management

Security - Safety :

  • Precautionary measure for controlling the access of trays (access control system at the charge of the takers). Supply of needle sheaths in stand-by.
  • Anti-intrusion system on the common areas of the GF only
  • Installation of a technical alarm for strategic points
  • Video intercom system at GF towards the reception desk onto the common areas, street side, and basements
  • Fire Safety System category A: Generalized detection in offices and premises following the request for derogation on the building permit, to be defined for basements (with detection in the car park and AHU Equipement Room, Climespace and CPCU Heat room)

Environment and energy consumption :

  • Double glazing on almost all glass facades (not breathable)
  • Motorized interior blinds on all facades
  • One comfort and smoke extraction opening in each 2,70 m double frame.
  • The windows accessible to firemen will be opaque


  • Acoustic performances compliant with NFS 31-080 standard and certifications
  • Acoustic insulation of tenant walls at the expense of the tenant

Thermal regulation (TR)

  • Existing TR for the renovated part
  • 2012 Extension (TR for premises on GF)

Architecture Program

• Office services :

Replacement of all the facades with high-performance, comfort glazing curtain walls facades with 1.35m frames that allowing modularity and the installation of office partitions.

Raised technical floor with a total thickness of 6cm.

LED lighting with presence detection

High-quality services in the sanitary facilities

• Services in the Lobby :

PRM airlock - High-quality floorings and circulation areas - Open waiting area - Access control to the building’s different services (PNG at the expense of the tenant)

• External services :

Landscaping of the patio in the GF and of the terraces on GF+8 - Terrace with imitation wood tiles - Installation of a landscaped terrace on GF+8

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